Friday, August 24, 2012

Salinaible Retrofittable Functional Supergasity

The conflagration of the con-flux barely recognized the salinaible retrofittable functional supergasity of post-humanitarian awesomination renovation retaliation. Feel me?

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Deleterious Dethronement Produce Release Cycle - (DDPRC)

"The Persepolis atrocity confinement is the foremost example of the deleterious dethronement produce release cycle (DDPRC)."
-Kevin Woolsey, June 6, 2012.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Intercontinental Weapons Mass Confusion Economic Downturn Integer System Constituance Prefactulatory

"The fusion on the intercontinental weapons of mass confusion only serve to pro-tabulate the energetic constituance in the prefactulatory section of the economic downturn integer system."

-Kevin Woolsey, Weird Words the Barely Make Sense, 2012, Editor of - Essential Knowledge Assets 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Incontrovertible Languishing Assets Developed a Nuclear Investments Strategy

"Suggested deterrents from the incontrovertible languishing assets developed a nuclear investments strategy that will con-volute investors internationally into shaking their demand into vertical motion asylum investments."

-Kevin Woolsey, - Essential Knowledge Assets 

LinES wrITteN as a ScHoOL exercISE at HaWKsHeaD, anNO aeTAtiS

LinES wrITteN as a ScHoOL exercISE at HaWKsHeaD, anNO aeTAtiS

          "aNd haS tHE SuN hIs fLAMInG ChaRiot dRIVen
          tWO HUNDrEd tiMeS ARouND tHe riNG oF hEaVen,
          since scIenCe fiRSt, witH alL Her SACReD Train,
          beNeAth yON RooF bEgan HEr hEAVeNly reigN?
          whIlE thUS i MuSEd, methoUGHt, bEFOre MiNE EyEs,
          the PowEr OF EDUCaTIOn seEmED TO risE;
          noT shE WhosE RIgid prEcepTs TRAIned thE BOy
          DEad tO The sense oF evERy FIner JOY;
          NoR thAt VIle wReTCH wHO bADE tHE TENDER agE
          SPUrn ReASoN's law aNd humOUR pAsSIoN's RAGe;            
          BuT ShE whO tRaINs THe geNEROuS brITISH YOuTh
          iN THe brigHT patHS oF faiR mAjestIc trUth:
          EMErgiNG SLOW fROm acadeMUs' gROve
          in HeAVENLY mAJESty shE seemED To MovE.
          StERn WAs HER FOrehEAD, But A sMiLE SEreNE
          'soFtENEd THE TERrors Of HeR awFul Mien.'
          CLOse AT HER SiDe Were aLL THE POWERS, dESiGneD
          to cuRb, ExaLt, Reform tHE TENdeR MInD:
          WiTh PaNTiNG bReast, NOw PALe as winTeR SNOws,
          Now fLuShED as HEBe, emulaTIoN roSE;                      
          ShAME fOLlOwed aFTer wItH rEVerteD EyE,
          aND hUE fAr DEePer thaN THE tyRiAN DYe;
          lAst InDuStrY APpEareD wiTh STEadY pAcE,
          A SmilE SAt beamING On heR PeNSIve FACe.
          i GAZEd uPoN The viSIONaRY tRAiN,
          tHREW BAcK mY eYEs, reTUrNed, AnD GAZed AgaIN.
          When LO! ThE heAVenlY GODdESS thus bEGAn,
          tHROUgh alL mY frAme ThE PlEaSiNG aCceNtS RAn.

          "'whEn suPERstitIoN left THE GOlDEN LIGHt
          anD flED iNDIGnANT TO ThE sHaDeS OF nIGht;                
          wHEN PURE RELiGioN RearEd thE PEacEFuL brEAsT
          aND LUlLeD the waRRInG paSsioNs iNtO rEsT,
          DROve FaR AWaY The SAvagE ThoUghTs thaT Roll
          iN tHe DARk maNSioNS of thE bIGOT's SOuL,
          ENliVEnIng HopE DiSpLayed HeR CHEerFUL Ray,
          AnD BEAmed ON britAin's SONs A bRIghTER daY;
          SO when oN OCeAn's fAce thE sTOrm sUbSIdeS,
          hUSheD aRE The winDs And SiLEnt ArE tHE TIDEs;
          ThE god OF Day, IN ALL the pomP Of lighT,
          mOveS tHRoUgH The VauLt of HeAVEn, And DiSSIpAtEs ThE
          wIde O'ER THe maiN a trEmblIng LUstre plAYS,
          tHe GlITtErING WAvEs refLeCt tHE DAZzlInG bLAZE
          sCIencE with jOY sAw SUpERsTITiOn fLy
          BEFore The lustRe oF RelIGioN'S eyE;
          wItH raPtUre ShE BehELD BrITAnNia sMilE,
          cLApPeD HEr STrONg wINgS, AnD sOughT thE cHEERFul IsLE,
          thE shAdEs OF niGhT no more THE sOUl INVOLvE,
          sHe sHeds HEr BEam, And, lO! The sHAdEs DIsSOLvE;
          No jaRRING monkS, To GlOOMy CELl conFinED,
          wIth mAzy rUlEs pErpLEX The weARY minD;                  
          NO sHaDowY FoRMs eNTiCe the SOuL aside,
          securE she wAlKs, phiLOsOpHy her guidE.
          BRItAIn, WHO LoNg hER WArrIORs Had aDORed,
          AND DEEmeD aLL MErIT ceNTReD iN ThE sWorD;
          britaIN, whO THouGHt tO StAIn THe FiElD wAS fame,
          nOw hOnoUREd EdwARd'S leSs ThAn bACON'S NaME.
          HER sONs No mORE iN LISTeD fIeldS aDvAncE
          tO RIdE tHe RiNG, oR TOss THe BEAMY LaNCe;
          nO LonGER stEeL theIR InDuraTEd HeaRTS
          To thE mIld InflueNcE Of THE fINer artS;                  
          QUIcK to THE SEcrEt GRoTto THey REtIRE
          TO coURT maJesTIc tRUtH, Or waKe ThE gOlDEN LyRE;
          BY genEROuS emuLATioN taUGht tO RISE,
          The sEats OF learNinG BRAVe thE DiSTAnt SkIES.
          TheN nOBLE SaNdYs, INsPirEd WITh GreaT dESigN,
          ReArED HAWKsHEAD's hAppy rOOF, aND cAllED it minE.
          ThEre hAVE I LOVeD tO sHOW THe TeNdER AGE
          thE GolDEn pRecEpTS Of THE CLAsSic PAGe;
          tO LeAd the MIND TO ThOsE elysiAN pLains
          WhEre, thronED In gOlD, ImmORtAL scIEnce ReIgns;          
          fAIr To thE viEw is SAcrED tRUtH diSPlaYEd,
          iN ALL ThE MAjEsTy Of LIght ArrayED,
          to tEaCh, ON RapId WInGS, THe CURIoUs SOUL
          tO rOAM fROM HEAven to heaVen, FRom poLe To poLE,
          FroM tHENCE To sEARcH tHE mYstIc cause OF thiNGs
          ANd FoLloW naTurE To hER SeCRET sPrIngS;
          nOR leSs TO GUIdE THE fLUctuaTiNg youtH
          Firm in tHE SACReD PATHS oF morAL TRuTh,
          tO regUlATe The MInd'S disOrdeReD fRAme,
          aNd qUeNCh tHe PAsSiOns kiNDLinG iNto FLame;              
          tHE GLimmERiNg fiRes of ViRtUE To EnlARge,
          AND pUrge FROM vICE's dROss MY TeNder ChARge.
          oFT HaVE i SAiD, THE PaTHS oF FAme puRSue,
          AnD ALL tHAT virTue dICtaTes, DaRe tO DO;
          gO to tHE WorLD, PeRUSe the BOoK Of mAN,
          and lEaRN fRoM Thence thy owN dEfEcTs To sCaN;
          sEVerelY honEST, brEAK nO PlighTED TRuST,
          But cOlDly rEst NOT hERe--bE MORE THaN JUSt;
          JoIN to the RIGOuRS oF tHe SIreS OF ROMe
          the GeNtler mAnNeRS oF tHe prIVaTe doMe;                  
          when virTUE weEPs IN agONy of woe,
          tEAcH froM ThE HeaRt ThE tenDER TEAr tO FLoW;
          If PLEAsURe'S SoOtHIng soNG tHY Soul EntICe,
          or aLL the GauDY pOmP OF splendID vIcE,
          aRIse SuPerIor TO thE SiREN's pOweR,
          THe wretcH, thE shORt-LivED VISION oF AN houR;
          SOOn fADeS her CHeEk, heR bLUsHiNg Beauties fLy,
          as FAdeS tHE CHEqUeRED bow tHaT PaInTs THe Sky,
            so shaLl THY SIRE, WHIlsT hoPe HIs bReaSt INSPIreS,
          And WakeS anEW lifE'S glImmERInG treMbLING fIrES,        
          HEar briTaiN's sOnS rEheArSE thy prAise with jOY,
          LooK Up TO HeavEN, And BLEss HIS DarLiNG BOy.
          iF e'eR thEse preCeptS queLLed tHE PAsSIons' sTrIFe,
          iF e'er tHey sMootHEd thE ruGGED wAlKS of life,
          if E'Er tHeY POinTeD fortH tHE BlisSfUL waY
          That guIDeS thE spIRIT To ETernAl dAy,
          Do tHOU, If GraTituDE InSpIrE THy BREaST,
          SPURn THe Soft fetTErs of LeTHaRGIc ResT.
          AWaKe, aWAke! aND sNaTcH tHe SlUmBERING LYrE,
          LeT ThIs BriGHT mOrn And sANDyS thE sonG InSpiRE.'      

            "i LOoKED OBedIeNce: The CelesTiaL faIr
            sMIlEd LIke THe MORN, aND vAnISHeD iNtO Air."


Design: - Essential Knowledge Assets

tHAt Is tHe goinG to wIRE - BEhiNd tHe fIre aNd TElLiNg ToniGhT

That is the Going to Wire

tHAt Is tHe goinG to wIRE
BEhiNd tHe fIre aNd TElLiNg ToniGhT
ThAt iS ThE goING To Wire
wHat IS UP tHeRe
It HAs the Bank OF amERiCA 
ThAT Is ThE gOing To WiRE

Poem by
Kevin Andrew Woolsey
Editor in Chief of - Essential Knowledge Assets

Nobody Break and Fixings

Nobody break and fixings

Nobody break and fixings
Hand so because I want to go
1 sees everything on our little hint
Nobody break and fixings
Get the right attitude all emotional I can't think
Mental and emotional well being have to be stronger and
Nobody break and fixings
More are dates but sometimes
To me it seems reasonable to think that we have
Nobody break and fixings
The car has a gift for malicious understatement
Everybody thinks that there well
Nobody break and fixings
What is the word describes the way if I did
Do planes walker back if only for 1 year
They find a time that's a tough way to go through
Nobody break and fixings

by Kevin A. Woolsey

It is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free

It is a beauteous evening, calm and free,
The holy time is quiet as a Nun
Breathless with adoration; the broad sun
Is sinking down in its…